"Music in the Vineyards" - Online Music Competition 

Music in the VIneyards is a non-profit cultural association based in Vrsac, Serbia. Our competition is open to classical musicians regardless of age and nationality, within following disciplines: piano, strings, voice and chamber music (2 - 5 instruments). Each discipline is divided into different age categories and there is no age limit.

The purpose of the competition is to discover both young talents and exceptional performers who have already reached a professional level, and to be a part of their journey towards international careers. A selected group of winners will be invited to give a concert in Vršac, Serbia during Vrsac International Chamber Music Festival in September 2023. The travel expenses are to be covered by the prize winners.

All prize winners will receive a diploma. A jury consisting of professional musicians with international careers will listen to all the candidates videos and provide a jury statement if requested. There will be multiple winners in each category.


1st Prize: from 95 to 100 points: diploma (certificate) and gold medal
2nd Prize : from 90 to 94 points: diploma (certificate) and silver medal
3rd Prize: from 85 to 89 points: diploma (certificate) and bronze medal

Laureate: participant with the highest score (above 95)

HOW TO APPLY - Regulations

1. Upload two or more separate videos (max 20 minutes length in total) – from any of the following periods: baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary, to YouTube,Vimeo or another online platform. The video must not be edited and is to show the performer clearly. The quality doesn't have to be professional, but aim for best sound possible, in order to give your self a fair representation.

2. Fill out the online application form found bellow and paste the video links to the application form. 

3. Pay the application fee of 35 EURO per participant (each individual participant or chamber group member) through PayPal here 

(To be marked as: Donation for the Association Music in the Vineyards, online music competition) If unable to pay through PayPal, please request additional payment information here:

4. Scan and attach a proof of identity

5. Send everything (video links, proof of payment and ID) to this email address:


CLOSING DATE: 0ctober 2nd 2022

DEADLINE EXTENDED until October 15 2022!

We kindly ask all contestants who haven't sent the proof of payment/ID to email it in order for their application to count as valid. Thank you.


We apologize for the delay - the results will be announced no later than November 17

We are looking foward to listening to your performances!

Prizewinners 2022 – VRICMF – Music in the Vineyards Competition


Piano, soloist youth

Zara Tyagi Biswas 3rd    


Piano, soloist junior

Hao Yue Sun 1st                                                            

Tymon Drewnowski 2nd


Piano, soloist intermediate

  Jasmine Lai 1st         


Piano, soloist advanced

Louisa Emilia Beatrice Schneider 2nd      


Piano, soloist senior

Laura Farre Rozada 2nd                                              

Dielan Wu 2nd

Virgilio Volante 2nd     

Sarah Giannetti 2nd        

Nuojun Wang 2nd 

Yuhuan Wang 2nd                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Kristian Cvetkovic 3rd

Sheng Hanyu  3rd                                                         



Violin, soloist youth

Kanon Ogura 1st 


Violin, soloist junior

William Fry 1st


Violin, soloist intermediate

Oriana Wojciechowska 2nd

Dang Nguyen Thuy Linh 2nd  


Violin, soloist advanced

Pietro Milzani 2nd                                                           


Violin, soloist senior

Yunxi Peng 1st                                                                

Pippa Sieppala  1st

Hyojin Jun 1st                                                                  

Eunsong Jung- 2nd

Mira Spengler 2nd     

Murasaki Fukuda 2nd  

Yeeun Suh 3rd  

Evangelia Koutsodimou 3rd

Yujin He 3rd    


Viola, soloist senior

Kinga Wojdalska  1st

Jeremy Keinbaum  2nd

Zuzanna Manka 3rd

Cello, soloist advanced

Zuzanna Moszumanska 2nd


Cello, soloist senior

Mikolaj Wojciechowski 2nd

Anna Skladannaya  2nd                                          


Double bass, soloist advanced

Eduardo Alcantara Santos 2nd 


Double bass, soloist senior

Miriam Barbierato  2nd   



Winds, soloist senior

Jacob Grimm 2nd                                                        


Voice, soloist senior

Ting Ren  1st       

Marianna Nomikou  2nd                                                                                                              

Caitlin Towell 2nd       

Elizabeth Anne Cohen 2nd

Michelle Vance 3rd  

Brooke Iva Lohman 3rd                                                                                                                                 


Chamber music, senior

Cantum Guitar Quartet  1st -LAUREATE


Tetra Brass 1st    

You Bin Min & Joonbyeong Lee 1st                                                                                 

Cuore Piano Trio 2nd                                           

Fono Duo – 2nd

Flutes & Frets Duo 2nd 

Duo Phébus  2nd  

Duo Fabulae 2nd                                                                                                          

NAN Quartet 3rd

Duo Alma Lusa 3rd

Duo Steininger 3rd





Congratulations to all!

Additional info:

Categories not mentioned above have either had no participants or no prize was awarded.

All award winners are invited to perform in prizewinner's concerts during Vrsac International Chamber Music Festival, September 2023. Concert information and diplomas will be emailed to you no later than January 2023 (jury comments will be emailed upon request- please let us know). 


Kristina Socanski

Kehan Zhang

Margaux de Vallensart

Mirjana Walczak

Prizewinners 2019 – VRICMF – Music in the Vineyards Competition


Piano, soloist junior


Tomas Kalin Simeonov, 1. Prize*

Hailey Culp, 2. Prize

Jasmine Lai, 2. Prize 


Piano, soloist senior

Suejin Jung, 1. Prize** - LAUREATE of the competition

Sven Bauer, 1. Prize*

Aliya Turtayeva, 2. Prize*

Kyung Min Park, 2. Prize

Svitlana Hololobova, 3. Prize*

Zhengyi Huang 3. prize


Violin, soloist advanced


Takanori Okamoto, 1. Prize*


Violin, soloist senior


Yi-Ju Chen, 1. Prize*

Yoko Ishikura, 2. Prize*

Sophia Stoyanovich, 3. Prize

Peiyuan Chen, 3. Prize


Cello, soloist senior


Ema Grcman, 3. Prize *


Winds, soloist senior

Rachel Parker, 2nd Prize


Voice, soloist senior


Aleksandra Borkiewicz, 1. Prize*

Yana Mamonova, 1. Prize *

Hyunah Son 3. Prize

Yeonjoo Young 3. Prize*

Ilham Nazarov 3. Prize


Chamber music, junior

Aran and Nora Spignoli Soria, 2. Prize* 


Chamber music, intermediate


Dylan and Winston Iskandar, 3. Prize


Chamber music, senior


Thesis Quartet, 1. Prize*

Duo Cordaropoli/Cozzolino, 3. Prize*

Duo Fiato Sospeso, 3. Prize

*Participants selected to perform in the prizewinners concert in Serbia or Norway in the season of 2020/2021 (dates will be announced shortly). Travel expences are to be covered by the participants. If unable to perform in the prize winners concert, diplomas will be sent by e-mail.

**Laureate of the competition, invited to perform during Vršac International Chamber Music Festival in September 2020, with travel and living expences within Europe covered by the association "Music in the Vineyards".

Additional info:

Categories not mentioned above have either had no participants or no prize was awarded.

 Diplomas will be emailed shortly and jury comments as requested.


Kristina Socanski

Kehan Zhang

Margaux de Vallensart

Ester Forsberg